Let me introduce myself. I am Kristen and this is me now.

Kristen Hansen

I am a real estate stylist that fell into this profession very naturally. Some of the key reasons started many years ago when I looked more like this.

Kristen Hansen

At a young age, my Mom would send me to my room (yes, I was a typical child whose room was not always perfectly neat!) with instructions to tidy up my desk and make my bed. A few hours later she would check in on me to discover a complete overhaul of the space – the furniture would be placed differently and all surfaces organized and cleaned…I loved how a fresh start could make me feel.

Fast forward a few years…ok, more than a few (although my poncho would now be back in fashion)  but you get my point.  I went to University, got my degree, spent years in both public and private sectors, working hard for my employers who loved my energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail, and my ability to organize from start to finish.

And then there were kids.  Now, let me just tell you that having kids puts a cramp in any organized person’s life. You can’t necessarily keep things the way you would in your previously perfectly organized world.  But they change your life in a good way. They mean you learn how to be organized despite a terrifying schedule of to-dos and must haves that would stress out anyone.  Hopefully they see the semblance of order that you create and carry that forward into their own lives.

Styling real estate is a natural progression of organizing and decluttering – hence why I love it so much. No one wants to buy a house that looks like a disaster zone – buyers are looking for a house that looks like it has a sense of calm and order, a place they can call home and have the life they are seeking.

That is where “Neat Speak” is born. These are my experiences and observations of a hectic life and the way to simplify it…make it more manageable…make it more fun. I will post about the funny and not so funny experiences that challenge me to live a simple, organized life that still has a bit of style.

I’m looking forward to sharing and learning as we go!