I bet from the picture you were thinking this was going to be a post about all things technology that can help us get organized and be more efficient with our time and resources. Nope, it is not.  I have long been thinking about what makes a home smart, and while I won’t say that technology can’t be a part of it, this is actually a number of small tips gleaned from years of experience in helping people get and stay organized.  I’ve touched on a few in the past, but here, just some quick reads that I hope will inspire you to take a look around you, and see if these little suggestions can help you.

So the first one is….

“Everything has a place”

Not rocket science right. But pay attention to singular instead of plural.  For MOST categories in your home, this works.  You might laugh at some of these examples, but I see this all of the time. I’ll be sorting in someone’s house and they will literally have items in so many locations, they have no idea how many of it  they have. They often go out and buy more, thinking that they are running low only to realize they have plenty – and often more than they need.  

Think of household cleaners. If you have them in multiple rooms in the house, you may not know how much of each you have. I know the argument would be to keep them in the room you will use them, but is this practical when you have  multiple bathrooms and multiple cleaners in each.?

The solution  I use – 1 cupboard in a central area with cleaners where you load up and it is easy to take a simple inventory – A set of cleaning materials gets carried from room to room as you clean, clothes are removed to the laundry room for washing. Done.   

Bandaids.  Yes, this is something that I see all the time – lots of them in various locations and never one where you need it. Let’s face it, keep them in the bathroom if you are prone to shaving cuts but a main floor central location (and a small one in the family car) is usually the way to go.

Well, wanted to keep it short. Just think about it as you look around. Is some of the clutter in your home building up because you don’t know quickly where to put it?