This year’s spring market has been very strong for sellers.  The past few weeks, however, have seen a significant increase in days on market with a lot more inventory available.  It is just one example of how critical timing can be!

Your neighbourhood will have key features that make it desirable and should be emphasized in the various marketing materials created to sell your home.  Understanding the recent sales and buyers of comparable homes in your neighbourhood also helps to determine the right approach and the right price point.  Once these are defined and thought out, it is time to stage your home.  Or is it?

It seems whenever I introduce myself and mention that I am a stager, people wonder out loud to me about when it makes sense to stage your home.  Is it necessary when the market is moving quickly? Only when the market is slow? Ever?

Here is how I answer.  Think of staging as getting your home ready for a job interview. Do you pull out an old and wrinkled suit or ensure you are dressed in your finest?  Do you take the time to style your hair (and makeup)  or show up as you woke up?  Would this change based on the number of people competing with you for the position? I’ll bet that answer is no.

To get ready for an interview, you groom and style yourself with a view to an excellent first impression.  You will also have spent time preparing your answers or key messages that you want to deliver during the interview.  That, in a nutshell, is what staging does for your home.


Staging helps buyers envision themselves and their family feeling at home here. Before and after photos below.