It would be pretty typical if (since it is January) I wrote about New Year’s Resolutions wouldn’t it? Now first of all, notice it isn’t January 1stso I am a bit behind on all that anyway!  Even though I declutter all the time, I admit to watching the Marie Kondo special on Netflix and feeling inspired – so far I have taken lots of loads for donation and even folded a few of my drawers her way – it doesn’t look nearly as colorful and put together as on the show – apparently I should resolve to wear something other than black, grey and white this year.

But seriously, in looking back at 2018, I actually resolved to do my resolutions on a weekly basis and to just be more about the moment. In looking back, it was a great year. I was very busy. I was much more selective about the type of work that I did and what I sought out. I learned to say yes to things that would have been much easier to say no to and in contrast, I learned to say no to the things that just didn’t feel right. I made fewer large scale goals and started to make weekly and daily ones. I allowed myself to celebrate these small successes.   I fell in love with the dollar store tear sheets for the list-obsessed such as myself and learned to start a new list each day. The last day’s weren’t always done, but the simple act of throwing them away and starting fresh was my way of forgiving myself for a busy life, and moving on with it.   I learned to prioritize better and be much more realistic about what I could get done. 

So where am I going with this?  I really just wanted to say welcome to the New Year. I’m excited to share more about who I am, what I stand for,  and what I can bring to your projects in 2019.  I’m very sure it is going to be the best one yet!