Are you thinking of selling?  If you are like me, you will have had the thought run through your head a few (okay, hundreds) of times about when is the right time to sell.  The “fun” of the real estate market is truly in perfecting your timing.  Every year, the timing of the spring market changes slightly but one thing remains consistent – you want your home to best it can be on the market in a time where the inventory is low.

The market is very strong for sellers right now. With properties going for values that owners never imagined possible, many are exploring the opportunity for lifestyle and location changes.  If you can put your home equity to work for you and perhaps reduce the need to work by a few years, why not?

If you are going to consider selling within the next 12 months, I recommend consulting with a realtor to explore your expectations around pricing and optimal timing. (If you need a great recommendation, I am blessed to work with excellent realtors who specialize in selling and care about the client experience as much as I do!)  You shouldn’t be afraid to ask them to provide you with the details of what they would include in their marketing plan for your home. Do they talk about staging? Do they include it as part of their marketing plan?  Of course, as a stager, you would expect me to say that, but truly we have all watched enough HGTV to know what a difference staging can make.

Many statistics suggest that more than 90 percent of people will look at a listing online and decide whether to even bother with a viewing. Gone are the days where you drive by a lawn sign and decide if you want to go in – you have likely already seen the inside! This takes those photos to a whole other level of importance.  This critical first impression needs to be excellent and is well-proven to give your home an advantage, both in achieving the desired selling price and reducing days on market.

I’m just wanting to clarify that staging is NOT decorating. Instead, our focus is on decluttering and creating a balance between excellent pictures and a successful walkthrough. We use our knowledge of current design trends along with color and flow to help the buyer connect to your home.  Buyers are becoming used to seeing houses that have been staged and more and more have come to expect it.

Are you ready to make a move?