This is actually a love story. Today I am going to share with you one of the many great love stories of my life…and how this piece of trash tells a story and became a treasure.

I am blessed to be loved by many people. My parents gave me a great start and a high expectation for what the love of my life should look like. Happily, I met MR RIGHT and am in the middle of sharing a life with him and our children. It isn’t always easy for sure, but it is definitely worth waking up for every morning.

But a love that bears mentioning is one that I shared with my Grandmother. I remember her as a very strong woman. She did not have an easy life, but her home was filled with love and caring. She always had time to have us there – we always felt so special in her eyes. I miss her every day.


This is the story of her sideboard. . It is in disrepair…and always has been. It was the ultimate in “dumpster diving”. When my grandparents first moved to their first home, a neighbor had put it out to the curb. It has a huge gouge out of the back (which is why it was being discarded), but since they couldn’t afford anything better, my Granddad asked the neighbor if it would be okay to take it and he said yes. He spent many hours refinishing the front and top so that it could be functional. The sides never got completely fixed – I guess they ran out of time and just never got around to it (sounds a bit like my life!), but it was always in the kitchen. The right had side drawer always had a pack of gum or special treat for my sister and I – we would run through the door and check at every visit. This was something you could count on – a constant in a very happy time in my life.

It was passed down to my parents, and then when my Mom downsized into her smaller space,  I jumped at the chance to take this piece into my own home. No matter what it looks like, it is so important to me.  I wanted it to blend in to my home, to have a chance to enjoy it and allow myself that daily trip down memory lane.  It was truly a privilege to paint it to highlight the interesting details, and to hide its imperfections.  It is an example of how when you style your house, don’t just chase a look that is current in the  magazines. An eclectic mix of new items that fit the function of your life and a few personal items that surround you with happy memories can work.

So for 2019, let’s have a year where we focus on surrounding ourselves with a style we love that is not from a magazine, but reflects who we are, where we have come from, and embraces all that we want a home to be.

Happy Styling!